@@@@2005 Japanese report to FAI CIMP@(Warsaw)


Kaz Shimada (Japan)



1. Japanese regulations


Japanese CAB began its hearing for (ICAO compatible) pilot physical standard revision.  They say they revise it every 5 years.  General Aviation community would like them to revive ethird classff for domestic flights.


Japanese CAB is to apply eICAO English Test.f


2. Doping Control


Domestically nothing remarkable.  We are waiting for government budget plan to the new eUNESCO Convention On Anti-Dopingf scheme.  Japanese 2005 contribution to WADA is US$1,502,800, but Japanese government does not have budget for doping control tests.


3. Accidents/Training


Soaring community here had 3 fatal accidents so far in 2005, which is far more frequent than average.  Possible heat exhaustion is hinted in one case.


At last, civilian hypobaric chamber became available to Japanese pilots.  Budget issue is not solved yet.


4. Notable air sports 2005 events in Japan


Hot Air Balloon

Honda Grand Prix series (5 competitions) in progress

Airplane Aerobatics

FAI World Grand Prix Aerobatics Japan 2005 (Honda) – cancelled

Glider Aerobatics

Aerobatic Japan at Kakuda (regional + invited international) October



5. 2005 World Records by Japanese pilot


DO (Open Class Gliders) Feminine Free distance using up to 3 turn points : 1 270.5 km 11/01/2005 Reiko MORINAKA (Japan) Chapelco (Argentina)


Sub-class DO (Open Class Gliders) Feminine Out-and-return distance : 1 187 km

30/12/2004 Reiko MORINAKA (Japan) Chapelco (Argentina)


Class D - Gliders / Claim number : 11812 DO (Open Class Gliders) Feminine Category

Distance using up to 3 turn points: Serres (FRA): 1 240 km: Reiko MORINAKA (JPN)

Glider : Glaser-Dirks DG-400 M17: 04.08.2005

Current record : none Minimum achievement for the first record : 1 044 km


Sub-class F1N (Indoor Glider): Duration (ceiling 15m - 30m) : 1 min 11.4 sec 04/06/2005

Pilot: Mitsuru ISHII (Japan) Course/place: Saitama (Japan)


6. Miscellaneous – for fun


(STS-114 Flight Surgeons: Effenhauser, Bauer, Koike, Shimada, et.al.)

Class Astronautics - Space records / Claim number : 11813

Type of record : Assembled mass of spaceships linked in flight

Course/location : NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL (USA)

Performance : 294 850 kg

Crews : STS-114 and ISS crews members (International)

Spacecraft : Space Shuttle Orbiter "Discovery" & International Space Station

Date: 28.07.2005

Current record : 264 432.8 kg (18.10.2002 - STS-112 and ISS crews)

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