The second World Air Games 2001, Andalucia

FAI-CIMP meeting

FAI Medico-Physiological Commission (CIMP) homepage

Jerez Hotel Guadalete

First FAI International Symposium on Air Sports Medicine

Shimada's slides on Japanese air sport status
Shimada's abstract
symposium program   symposium homepage
Dr. Gibson(BGPA)'s abstract on British paragliding/hang gliding

JAA FCL Medical meeting

(attended one session as an observer)
Joint Aviation Authorities Flight Crew Licensing homepage

The Second World Air Games soaring competition photos
La Mancha photos

Spanish site (often down) ; FAI site ; Glider at Lillo

(from left) Alternate to Jerez Mayor, CIMP President Dr. Maire, FAI Director Mr. Wolfgang Weinreich, JAA FCL med Chairman Mr. Willis

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