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Please visit AOPA-J English page for private airplane flights in Japan. It is curated by the same author.

AOPA-J world group flight How much does it cost to land in Japan?

The Second World Air Games Glider competition (18m and World Class) photos ; Spanish site (often down) ; FAI site ; Glider at Lillo


aerospace medicine

FAI Medico-physiological comission (CIMP)

Japanese report ; 2001   2002   2003   2004

Wright State Universiy aerospace medicine residency/master's course products 1993-1995

Head alignment of the general aviation pilot during flight. (May 1996 Aerospace Medical Association. 328KB pdf file.)

Telemedicine for the ISS-JEM. (May 1998 Aerospace Medical Association. 188KB pdf file.)

Decompression illness at shallow depth. (May 1998 Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society and AsMA, Seattle. 372KB pdf file.)

Current Air Sports Medical Status in Japan at the First FAI International Air Sports Medicine, June 2001, Jerez de la Frantera, Espana

A case of offshore ditching by a private airplane at the May 2002 Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) meeting, Montreal, Canada. 1.48MB pdf file. Abstract (html)

World Anti-Doping Code and aviation medical certification at the May 2004 Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) meeting, Anchorage, Alaska. PDF file.

other academic reports

Electrocochleographic Recording of Tuning Curve in Normal Human Ears. (Introduction only. 1987 to 1993. 6KB rtf file.)

miscellaneous / funnies

NASA Doctors Trained at Wright State Will Support John Glennfs Return to Space

Are you a pathological flyer?

Outstanding wave flight photos by late Dr. Nozaki

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