Proteusの60,000フィート達成 にあるプレスリリースから。

On October 25 and 27, 2000, Scaled Composites set three unofficial (pending ratification by NAA/FAI) world altitude records with the Model 281 Proteus aircraft.  The three records were peak altitude (62,786 feet),  sustained altitude in horizontal flight (61,919 feet), and peak altitude (of 55,878 feet) with a 1000-kg payload.  These altitudes significantly exceeded the existing records in Class C-1.E, Group III.   Takeoff gross weights for the two flights were 8,962 lb. And 11,319 lb., respectively.

The Scaled crew of Mike Melvill and Bob Waldmiller were at the controls for these record-setting flights.  Since the flights were considered envelope expansion, the crew wore full pressure suits, which were provided by NASA through the Dryden Flight Research Center under the Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology program. 

このリリースにある全与圧服はNASA提供とあります。Johnson Space Center(ヒューストン)の(旧)低圧室の部屋の壁には'Project 500' (550だったかもしれない)という、グライダーの高度記録挑戦プログラム関係者が低圧チャンバー訓練を行ったポスターがありました。NASAが与圧服を提供したかどうかは不明ですが。




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