summary June 6 - June 13 (JST)

June 13  Kuujjuaq/CYVP -> Narsarsuaq/BGBW The four airplanes made it to Greenland, landing at BGBW 21:00 June 12 by local time. They are happy at Greenlandic Hotel at the airport which has a good accommodation facility.


June 12  Yellowknife/CYZF -> Lankin Inlet/CYRT -> Kuujjuaq/CYVP. Northen Canada desolate area crossing has been completed by the four ship group. They were encouraged by airline pilots flying above on the radio. They have checked in a hotel in Kuujjuaq. Landing happened at 22:00 June 11 by local time. No restaurant around. They are lliving on Japanese noodle packs they picked up at Fairbanks. Ready to cross the Atlantic?   

June 10 Fairbanks/PAFA -> Yellowknife/CYZF. Two Mirage crews landed Yellowknife at 21:00 June 9 by local time (Noon June 10 JST = 03:00 June 10 UTC). They were greeted by the Bonanza A-36 crew from Seattle and AOPA-Japan secretary Ms. Hatanaka, who flew on an airliner. They will spend two nights at Yelloknife, then head for Kuujjuaq/CYVP. A Pilatus PC-12 from Idaho will join them on June 10 local time.

Fairbanks airport

Mt.McKinley abeam

June 9  At 22:00 June 8 local time (06:00 June 9 UTC = 15:00 June 9 JST) Mirage crews checked in a Fairbanks hotel for an overnight stay. Up to now actural departure/landing time has been monitored by ATC information via a flight management company. Their next stop is Yelloknife, Canada, where the five ship fleet will be assembled to cross North America.

June 8  UHPP -> PADK -> PAKN -> PANC -> PAFA . The two mirages finally (!) took off from UHPP, landed at Adak, AK. Departure from Petropavlovsk/UHPP June 7, 2001 11:30UTC(JA4084) 12:00(JA4200). Midnight departure by local time.- Cross date line here. - Arrive at Adak/PADK June 7 19:05UTC(JA4084) 19:30(JA4200). Mid-day arrival by local time. They decided to stop at King Salmon/PAKN. Their overnight stay will be at Anchorage/PANC.

JA4084 timeline for June 7/8 UTC.
11:30UTC / 19:05UTC /
 22:54UTC / ATA 03:45UTC /   n/a   / ETA 0615UTC 

June 6/7 pm - 2  Fuel document at the Russian custom was cleared.  Weather is the issue.  The crew at Petropavlovsk observes its worsening.  A low pressure is coming to the east of tip of Peninsula of Kamchatka.  Because at hotel they neither have internet connection (not implemented)  nor facsimile (out of order), they are relying on calls from Mr. Imahashi in Japan.  One of them are out to downtown looking for an internet café.  Its close to whitenight there.  Their plan is to depart at 23:00 local time, because Adak airport is open only from 9 to 5.  They do not have to press on.  One of the options is to fly back to Chitose/RJCC to wait for weather and square things out.

June 6/7 pm -1  Good news: AOPA-France president kindly sent in an invitation for a welcome party. Kevin Psutka, President & CEO of Canadian Owners & Pilots Association sent in warm words and a restaurant info at Yellowknife. Bad news: Still stuck at Yelizovo=UHPP=Petropavlovsk. By now you are accustomed to flight plan change :) In addition to the departure document issue, they have to consider the weather at Adak and Dutch Harbor, and their level of exhaustion. My own experience in western Russia cities tells that even a van ride between airport and hotel would not be smooth. Those Mirage crews evaluated that Anchorage is too far not only for their airplanes but also for crew strength. Current plan calls for a fuel stop at Adak, then CIQ and an overnight stay at Dutch Harbor, which is the base for Aleutian sightseeing.

June 6/7 am  The documents missing were proved to be a proof of gasoline quality and its ownership certificate, which we never deal with in Japan. The two sets of crew on Mirage's can stretch at a hotel at Anchorage finally. It's June 6 by local time. There the M20 crew welcomes them, who already took some photos at Anchorage. The M20 joins with North American legs. It was a documentation hell, but they had much help from general aviation colleagues. Good-by to Kamchatka. From Anchorage they will make a short hop to Fairbanks, where they will find a packet of Japanese food. All airplanes are to meet at Yelloknife, Canada.

June 6 New revision was made to the flight plan today. They are struggling with documentation to depart from Russia. They were told their document had a flaw. They had to return to hotel They are to depart from UHPP(Yelizovo)/Petropavlovsk Kamchatski for Adak.

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