Press Release June 16, 2001


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Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association - Japan's pilots aboard 4 smalll
airplanes are at Glasgow for 50 hour engine maintenance.

June 15@Big News! We got a cover in "e-Pilot" AOPA online magazine of June
15. news clip Access analysis at AOPA-J page, which had been stable at 200
hits/day, jumped up to 1000hits/day. Most of them are from US. Thanks Nate,
the editor, for your attention.

June 16@@Reykjavik/BIRK -> Glasgow/EGPF
At local time 18:00, June 15 (02:00JST June 16) they landed on Glasgow. They
elected to do 50 hour engine check and oil replacement at Glasgow, which was
at Nice by the original plan. Bonanza's engine is new. Two of Mirage's had
to open up their engines to comply with a SB right before the start. Their
current plan calls for two nights at Glasgow, then one night at Nice.
They'll miss some wine at parties in France. It's our eternal theme to
balance pleasure of flight/parties with keeping a job. Enjoy UK weather,
which seems to be worse than that in Iceland.

Their next stop is Nice. They will cross the Mediterranian Sea via Italy and
Flight information English web page is :

(text by K. Shimada/AOPA-Japan/AOPA)

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