Press Release June 9, 2001

Five airplanes are gathering at Yellowknife for world tour.   -----------------------------------------

Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association - Japan pilots crossed the Pacific.   June 9 @At 22:00 June 8 local time (06:00 June 9 UTC = 15:00 June 9 JST) two Mirage crews checked in a Fairbanks hotel for an overnight stay. During Russian and Aleutian part of the voyage,  actural departure/landing time has been monitored by ATC information via a flight management company. They are now back online.   Their next stop is Yelloknife, Canada, where the five ship fleet will be assembled to cross North America.  A COPA member there is expected to welcome them.  


Flight information web is :   (text by K. Shimada/AOPA-Japan)

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