Press Release June 8, 2001

Airplanes from Japan broke through Russian document barrier to land on Aleutian Is., Alaska.

The two Piper Mirage airplanes piloted by amatuer flyers in
Japan, who had been held for a week at Kamchatka because of
weather and documentation, finally made it to Adak, Alaska.
Departure from Petropavlovsk/UHPP June 7, 2001
11:30UTC(JA4084) 12:00(JA4200). Midnight departure by local

    - Cross date line here. -

Arrive at Adak/PADK June 7 19:05UTC(JA4084) 19:30(JA4200).
Mid-day arrival by local time.
They are to join three airplanes at Yellowknife, Northern
Territories, Canada within a few days.
(Text by K.Shimada/AOPA-Japan)

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