Flight Plan June 10, 2001 (JST)

Fairbanks/PAFA and Yellowknife/CYZF have magnetic variation of 25 deg East. At Fairbanks time after sunset to sunrise is 2 hours 35 minutes. At Yellowknife it's 4h13min.

Their waypoint after Yellowknife had been Iqaluit/Hologishu/CYFB. They had a gas tank accident at Iqaluit where airlines serve. Its latitude is N63deg45min, the magnetic variation of 36deg west.

Baker Lake/CYBK waypoint was removed because its runway is dirt, so is the one at Kulusuk/BGBW in Greenland.

Planned route: Yellowknife/CYZF -> Lankin Inlet/CYRT (refuel) -> Kuujjuaq/CYVP (overnight stay) -> Narsarsuak/BGBW(Greenland)

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