AOPA-Japan world group voyage Flight Plan as of June 7, 2001(JST)

Dates are by local time.

6/7  Depart UHPP/Petropavlovsk Kamchatkii around mignight.  Cross date line.

6/7  Arrive PADK/Adak, Alaska.  Landing is planned to happen in the morning because PADK closes at 17:00. Refuel only because of no custom service on site.

6/7  Depart PADK.

6/7  Arrive PDUT/Dutch Harbor, Alaska.  The two Russian Aeroflot navigators will board an airliner for Anchorage.

6/8  Depart PDUT.

6/8  Arrive PANC/Anchorage.


If they cannot take off from Kamchatka by Friday night, they have to wave two days off because Adak airport is closed for the weekend.

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