Flight Plan revised on June 6. Dates are by local time.

6/6  Leave UHPP/Petropavlovsk Kamchatski around local midnight. Cross date line.

6/6  (local time)  Arrive PADK/Adak, Alaska in local morning. Refueling only.

6/7  Leave Adak, arrive Anchorage, Alaska.  Stay overnight.

6/7  Leave Anchorage, arrive Fairbanks, Alaska. Stay overnight.

6/8  Leave Fairbanks, arrive Yellowknife, Northern Territories, Canada.  Stay and join up with other crew.

Adak to Anchorage leg is close to 1100NM, but if they met stronger-than-predicted headwind, they can land on either Dutch Harbor or Cold Bay, which have AvGas. The two Russian navigators will return to Russia from Anchorage. Aeroflot charged for first-class tickets for them. Nobody here believes Aeroflot actually put company navigators into first-class cabin, though.

Adak has no custom service. The crew finally can stretch at a good hotel at Anchorage.

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